Cabilao Diving

Cabilao Diving… diving some of the most beautiful dive spots of the Philippines.

Our on-site diving center wants to take you to one of the most beautiful dive-spots in the Philippines… Cabilao Island.

Cabilao Island features more than 15 official dive sites but there is much more to see in between these “official”sites. It would take you weeks to explore everything around the island.

Cabilao diving offers you beautiful hard and soft corals, critters and shoaling fish are awaiting you in crystal-clear water (visibility between 20 and 40 meter (65 and 130 feet) is quite normal) with a comfortable temperature between 26 – 30 degrees Celcius (79 – 86 F).

Wherever you dive, shallow or deeper along the wall, you see many different kinds of soft and hard corals in many different colors along with many shoaling fish around the reefs. 
Cabilao has a marine sanctuary where you will see lots of seahorses, stargazers, stone fish and devil fish, porcelain crabs, pipefish and many more.
Cabilao diving is absolutely diving in one of the best places in the Philippines to dive. Going to Cabilao island from Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is a half day trip with two dives around the island and lunch in the resort, or a full day trip with 3 dives and a lunch on the boat.