Welcome to the Ice Age

We are very proud to present to you“The Largest Dessert Menu of Bohol”

banana crepe

In our new dessert menu you will find some of the “old” trusted desserts from our original menu but also lots and lots of new creations to perfectly complete your meal, all in all a total of around 60 deserts.

Next to several of the Selecta® and Carte d’Or® ice cream flavors, we created some of our own, special flavors, like Rum-Raisin, Bourbon (Jim Beam®), Toblerone®-chip and Calamansi Ice Cream.

Of course we also thought about our young guests! Instead of choosing from the many different coupes they can also create their own desert… choose your favorite flavors, choose your toppings, choose your sauce…. DONE!

Of course you can eat desserts any time of the day as a delicious refreshing snack!

When you want to try a dessert with a “kick”, look out for this sign: