Bohol Adventure Tour à Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape, une zone de paysage protégé de collines calcaires boisées, de prairies et de sources naturelles

Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape is the largest remaining tract of natural forest in Bohol and one of the Philippines’ top sites to to exploring and enjoying the rain forest during your Bohol Adventure Tour.
The park has more than 30 kilometers of marked trails for wildlife observation, over 100 caves, a camping area and a swimming pool. At the summit of Bilar Peak, an observation tower has been constructed providing panoramic views of the park and surrounding countryside, including the nearby island of Panglao and even Cebu. Near the park’s entrance is a tunnel that leads to Magsaysay Park, a cleared area situated next to a ranger station and the Logarita spring.

The Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape is an important bird watching area being home to over 120 bird species, many of which are endemic to the Philippines. The park also supports six species of large mammals namely, the Philippine tarsier, long-tailed macaque, Philippine flying lemur, Malayan civet, Asian palm civet, various monitor lizards and Philippine warty pig. It is also a habitat of some rodent species, such as the Philippine forest rat, rice-field rat and Mindanao hairy-tailed rat. The more than 100 caves also hold several species of bats and swiftlets.

You will follow a hiking trail with a professional guide from the park which leads you along the most interesting points of the park. Your guide will try to find you some of the animals who live in the forest, it’s nature though… there is no guarantee that you see everything.

Durée: 5-6 heures
Prix: php 4000/véhicule
Frais d’entrée/de Guide: PhP 500/personne

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