Our restaurant is widely known and loved and is frequently visited by local people and expats living in Bohol. Our Chefs are very competent and they are dedicated to cook your dishes to perfection.
Next to our Monthly Specials you find European, Indian, Mexican as well as local Filipino dishes on our Menu.

All dishes on the menu are always freshly made from the freshest local produce and authentic imported ingredients for our International dishes.

We are more than happy to adapt dishes or make custom dishes for people with allergies, intolerance or dishes for Vegans, Vegetarians etc. We will always find a way to prepare something delicious for you.


The newest addition to our menu is our Grazing Board or “Mini Boodle”.

A Boodle Fight originates from the Filipino army. When the soldiers are on duty there are no tables, plates and cutlery to serve their meals. Instead of that they lay Banana leaves on the ground and arrange all their food on the leaves and eat with their hands.

A Boodle Fight in our restaurant is, of course, served on a table but also on Banana leaves, no plates and no cutlery… you eat with your hands.

Our “Mini Boodle” is a small version of the boodle fight, served on a wooden board, and is full of delicacies that the local Filipino people love so much: unlimited rice, pork chops, chicken, French Fries and a big 14″ Hawaiian Pizza. The Mini Boodle is good for 8 – 10 people and only costs PhP 1,200!