Tha Mag Aso Falls might not be the largest waterfall on Bohol with its 25 foot (8 meter) height but it has one of the nicest swimming areas.

Mag Aso Falls, with its turquoise water and tropical flora and fauna, looks like a lost paradise. The only thing you hear is the roaring water and birds. Mag Aso Falls is still not in the list of the Bohol tourist attractions, so you have a good chance to be there alone when you go on weekdays. In the weekends local people love to hang out there and have a swim in the cool, crystal clear water.

After your visit to Mag Aso Falls you will visit a local handicraft store in Antequera, a village know for its beautiful products made from local natural materials.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Prices: PhP 2,500/vehicle
Entrance fees: Php100/person

mag aso falls