Monthly Specials

Our Monthly Specials for June

Every month we have new Monthly Specials, Delicious International dishes for you to enjoy. Also make sure you see our “Malungay (Moringa) boosted dishes“, 10 special dishes with all the healthy goodness of Moringa.

Our website is finally translated in the French language and to celebrate this we have 2 French “Classic” dishes on our Specials Menu.


Blanquette de Porc

Translated this is pork meat in a white (wine) sauce.

As you might know, the owner of Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is from France and through him we managed to get our hands on an old family recipe. Of course, before we offered it to you as a Special, we had to try it and it is

D E L I C I O U S !!

Blanquette de Porc is Pork shoulder, slowly cooked in a broth made of white wine and herbs where the broth is used to make the sauce. This mouthwatering dish is served with buttered Fettuccine and goes very well with a cool glass of Chardonnay.


Everybody know this French Classic.

A quiche is one of the most featured foods in cookbooks and restaurant menus around the world. It is a hearty, rich dish that can be made in many different ways. Our Quiche is made with real cheese, Cooked Ham and Spring Onions.

Quiche is great for lunch or as a snack but also makes a great dinner with some potato wedges.