restaurant extention

We are getting back on track after the devastation done by Super Typhoon Odette, in fact, we are coming back stronger than ever.

Although we lost some trees, the resort now looks bigger and gives many new opportunities in the future. We updated all the rooms and they look beautiful. There are no DeLuxe rooms anymore, all the rooms are now Superior DeLuxe and sleep 3 persons (2 rooms even sleep 4 persons).
We installed new modern bathroom basins and also installed window blinds rollers to prevent light coming into the room so you can also sleep comfortably after sunrise or when you want to take your afternoon nap.

Also the kitchen is getting back on track. We started again with our Monthly Special Dishes and reintroduced an old favorite: the Mini Boodle.

Also, the restaurant size is doubled, so there is always ample table availability for you.

There are quite a few projects planned, so keep an eye on our website and on our Facebook Page to see the progress.

restaurant extention
bathroom update