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Souvenir Store

We recently finished building our Souvenir Store!

It’s a little store where we, next to some daily items our guests might need like toothpaste, shampoo and Insect repellent, sell some pretty little Bohol souvenirs.
At the moment it is still the only souvenir store on Pangangan Island but we are sure there will be more in the future.

What can you find in our Souvenir Store?

There are some nice handicraft items, made by the locals on Pangangan Island, next to magnets, T-shirts, Towels and tiny stuffed Tarsiers… just to name a few. The collection will change regularly because we only have little stock and buy the things we like and would buy ourselves as a souvenir to take home. The prices are moderate… you already have a nice souvenir for under PhP 100!

souvenir store