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New Monthly Specials for June 2019

Our website is finally translated in the French language and to celebrate this we have 2 French “Classic” dishes on our Specials Menu.

Blanquette de Porc

Translated this is pork meat in a white (wine) sauce.

As you might know, the owner of Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is from France and through him we managed to get our hands on an old family recipe. Of course, before we offered it to you as a Special, we had to try it and it is

D E L I C I O U S !!

Blanquette de Porc is Pork shoulder, slowly cooked in a broth made of white wine and herbs where the broth is used to make the sauce. This mouthwatering dish is served with buttered Fettuccine and goes very well with a cool glass of Chardonnay.



Everybody know this French Classic.

A quiche is one of the most featured foods in cookbooks and restaurant menus around the world. It is a hearty, rich dish that can be made in many different ways. Our Quiche is made with real cheese, Cooked Ham and Spring Onions.

Quiche is great for lunch or as a snack but also makes a great dinner with some potato wedges.

honey-lemon chicken News

Learn to cook our Monthly Specials!

There is nothing secretive about our Monthly Specials and we would love to teach you how to cook them yourself in your own kitchen.

Next time you come to our restaurant to eat one of our delicious Monthly Specials, why not book it in advance and learn how to cook it at the same time? We will give you detailed instructions for all the steps you need to follow to make these delicious dishes and, of course, we will give you a detailed recipe to take home. The “cooking class” is an extra service we provide and nothing else than the regular price of the dish will be charged to you.

Call or text us to make an appointment for your “cooking class” on
09977 771 4067 (Globe) or 0947 130 3891 (Smart).

honey-lemon chicken

April Specials

In April we go Thai all the way!

Next to the delicious dishes we have on our menu we try to offer some great specials every month, just to spoil our guests even more. This month we did choose 2 Thai favorites, Chicken Cashew nuts and a wonderful Thai Red Curry.

Thai Massaman Chicken Curry

Juicy Chicken, potato and Cashew nuts in a creamy Thai Massaman Curry sauce that is not only the “real deal” but even better than you tasted until now.

The sauce has gotten the Isla Hayahay workover with some special ingredients to spoil your buds even more…

Served with steamed rice

Thai Chicken Cashew Nuts

This cashew chicken is chunks of crispy chicken, crunchy veggies and roasted cashews tossed in a sweet and savory sauce.
An authentic Thai delicacy.

Served with steamed rice.

Satay Ayam News

New Specials and more…

What a great way to start the season! We have two new specials on the menu that will spoil your buds to the max!
The first special is mouth-watering and especially tasty after a long hot day.
Honey-Lemon Chicken on Turmeric Rice.
Sauteed Chicken, not fried, makes this dish healthy and fresh. The Honey-Lemon sauce perfectly balanced and the addition of fresh Green Beans and Cashew Nuts are the crown on the cake.

You will absolutely love this dish!

honey-lemon chicken
Satay Ayam

The second special is Satay Ayam

Satay Ayam or Chicken Saté is popular all over the world.
The marinated chicken cubes are grilled to keep them juicy and tender and are served with a delicious Peanut sauce.

We serve our Satay Ayam the Dutch way, with lots of sauce and with a choice of rice or French Fries.

Great as a snack or as a main dish with a beautiful and fresh Garden Salad.

Pizza Time!!

We finally could get our hands on a “Grandmother’s Recipe” for authentic Italian Pizza dough and the results are amazing!
We immediately extended our range of different pizzas on our menu.

Margherita. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh tomato and oregano
Marinara. Tomato sauce, garlic, fresh tomato and fresh basil
Peperoni. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Salami, garlic and fresh tomato
Carbonara. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, eggs, and bacon
Frutti di Mare. Tomato sauce and seafood
Al Tonno. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Red onion, Capers and Tuna
Pizza Hawaii. Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Ham and Pineapple (Filipino OR Western Style!)
Pizza Supreme. Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Bell Pepper, Chicken OR Beef

All the pizzas are now fixed on our menu!


More and more color…

Color is all we want…

The resort is becoming more and more colorful. Landscaping is an ongoing project and especially now, in the dry season, this is extremely rewarding.

Most plants start showing off their beauty with an explosion of color. We can’t wait until they become larger and larger and transform the resort to the color oasis we have in mind.

Our collection of different species of Hibiscus is slowly growing and the different forms, sizes and color of the Hibiscus flowers is really amazing. Next to the Hibiscus, the Philippines have so many incredible flowering plants to offer it makes the choice of which plants we will add to our garden very difficult…

souvenir store News

Souvenir Store

We recently finished building our Souvenir Store!

It’s a little store where we, next to some daily items our guests might need like toothpaste, shampoo and Insect repellent, sell some pretty little Bohol souvenirs.
At the moment it is still the only souvenir store on Pangangan Island but we are sure there will be more in the future.

What can you find in our Souvenir Store?

There are some nice handicraft items, made by the locals on Pangangan Island, next to magnets, T-shirts, Towels and tiny stuffed Tarsiers… just to name a few. The collection will change regularly because we only have little stock and buy the things we like and would buy ourselves as a souvenir to take home. The prices are moderate… you already have a nice souvenir for under PhP 100!

souvenir store
balcony upgrade News

Balcony Upgrade

A Balcony Upgrade was more than necessary, although the old look of the balconies was great with the rustic Bamboo. We chose to do the balcony upgrade with Mahogany and G’Melina wood and the result is amazing. The contrast between the red Mahogany and the “white” G’Melina wood is beautiful and the newly varnished Bamboo furniture completes the nice and warm “look” of our new balconies.

The floor of the balconies were made of bamboo strips before but now the floors are made of G’Melina it’s much more comfortable to walk on the balcony, especially barefoot.

The balcony upgrade of all the rooms is part of a long list of upgrades and improvements of existing structures in the resort, next to the new builds and replacement of some of the feature structures. A brand new Bar and a Souvenir Store are two examples of these new/replacement builds.

balcony upgrade
new bar News

New Bar

We built a new Bar! Since the “old” bar was far too small and in a forgotten corner of the resort it was time to build something new, and we did… The new bar is located close to the swimming pool and has a huge terrace with beautiful, homemade furniture for you to relax and enjoy your drink.

The new bar is completely open but built in a way that is is usable all year round. If the wind from one side is too strong we can close that side and use the other, still open, side. Luckily the weather on Pangangan Island is mostly great, so we can have the bar open most of the time.

With the new bar we introduced an impressive Cocktail menu with old favorites and some new tasty drinks. The Cocktails, a wide choice of local and imported Liquors, Fresh Fruit Shakes and different brands of beer will make your choice not easy but insure you will find something of your liking.

Tasty Snacks, like our new Home Made Chicken Nuggets, are available throughout the day. Of course you can also opt to have your lunch or dinner on the new terrace, we will be happy to serve it there.

new bar